The wife of an amazing, nerdy redhead. 
Mamma to three crazy-awesome kids. 
Foster mom. 
My best friends are my mother, sisters and cousins. 
My life is my family. 
My family is my life.

When Amos and I married, we knew we would accept children willingly and lovingly from God. We started our marriage with my sweet J, added Noah just 9 months later (honeymoon baby!), and we were shocked when we learned that Miriam was on her way shortly after Noah's first birthday. Three happy accidents. The next couple years passed in a blur, and before I knew it, Little Miss was meeting her kindergarten teacher. Parenting three school-age kids might not take as much of my time, but it takes every bit of my heart and attention!

In the fall of 2012, my family began our journey into foster care adoption and completed our licensing process a year later. Our goal is simple. Follow God's plan and don't box Him in! 

We might not be able to catch up over coffee or play dates, but emails are always welcome!

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