Saturday, August 1, 2015

Three Months Official

Three months of blog catch-up is more than this summertime mother of five has time for-- so you get pictures and one-liners!

We finalized our adoption! Someday (I'd like to say in a couple weeks when school begins) I'll find time to put my emotions from Adoption Day into words.

We celebrated by crossing state lines- WITHOUT notifying our case worker!

And we got a little silly away from home.

Miriam danced in her recital- a big kid in the LATE show this year.

And Amos rocked out on stage with her.

We sent the kids to camp, Grandma's and Auntie's house while we hit the California coast to celebrate ten years of marriage.

We walked Golden Gate Bridge

And slept on cliffs above the ocean

We started to pray about and plan our next chapter. I have to say, I'm pretty excited about the next leg of our journey!

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