Saturday, January 17, 2015

Diamonds... The Pressure is Worth It!

A few months ago, when our honeymoon phase was just ending, I sat in church and listened to our priest speak about diamonds. Incredible pressure and intense heat is required to turn a dark lump of coal into a precious, radiant gem. I remember sitting in my pew with Amos and our five kids, wiping away a few tears that I just couldn't hold back, praying that God would, indeed, make something beautiful and precious from the pressure that we were feeling.

For a while, the pressure increased, and sometimes I thought it might crush us. 
We stayed the course in spite of our terror, 
our doubt,
my weak desire for our former, simple life. 
We stayed the course. 
We endured the pressure. 
We clung to our hope for diamonds. 

God is faithful, and he answered our prayers in a BIG WAY! 

Suddenly, I saw our precious. Our rare, beautiful, treasure. I kid you not, within a week, our misery subsided, and I found my family in this incredibly peaceful place. 

Don't get me wrong, life with our five very individual kids will likely always keep us on our toes, but the kids are seriously AMAZING these days. Our younger three play beautifully together nearly all the time. Mr. J has had a complete turn around. He is helpful, polite, a hard worker, and his attitude is awesome.

Our family is feeling like a real forever family. 

I'm thinking and planning ways that the seven of us will serve our Lord together. I am starting to look forward to fostering again. I can hardly believe that our life felt like hell just a month ago. That's God, folks! 

I'm finding myself looking forward to finalizing our adoption. We will sit down next week to review and sign adoption subsidy paperwork. We are preparing the kids for last name changes and considering the addition of new middle names. Adoption will likely happen in early March. In less than two months, we'll be legal, official parents of Mr. J and Miss A. No more double checking Instagram posts to be sure that I'm not posting their sweet faces. No more asking permission for travel, no more fumbling though my answer when doctors ask what my relationship is to them. I won't have to explain that I'm both foster and adoptive mom. 


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Nel said...

How exciting! God is amazing.