Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Respite Prep, Head Lice, and Swimming Success

This time next week, we'll either be preparing for our adoptive placement or nursing disappointment. I've been reading and rereading the profiles of the sister and brother. I've kept and every growing list of questions to ask at staffing. I've gotten to visit with my sweet friend who is a licensing/adoptive worker herself and ask her a pile of questions about the staffing. Amos and I have talked through some potential questions and tried to form coherent explanations our very personal relationship to these children whom we've seen but never met. It's stressful to have just an hour to share as much about our family as accurately as possible.

It's not about making the team see our best selves. It's about making sure that they know our true selves- strength and weaknesses- so that everyone involved has the best chance at a successful adoptive placement. 

It's not about passing a test, it's about FITTING-- we either will or won't. I'm not nervous about what they'll think about Amos and I. I'm not really even nervous about the outcome. I'm only nervous about being able to articulate my thoughts clearly. As long as we leave our meeting feeling like we painted and clear picture of our life, we'll have peace.  

In other news-- 

Our respite care has gone pretty smoothly so far with the exception of having to treat for head lice. Lesson learned- find a way to check heads even when they're coming from another foster home. I felt so bad having to send a late night text to their foster mom. These things happen in foster care, but I knew she'd feel bad, and I just didn't want that. As a precaution, we treated everyone and everything, added tea tree oil to our shampoo and conditioner, and I've been checking heads daily just to ease my mind and phantom itching. 

Blondie and Brownie are a week into their stay, and they are still kind and helpful and happy. 

J came home from camp and connected with Blondie right away. She shared her passion for reading, and since Friday, Blondie has been bringing books any time we leave the house. 

Brownie started the visit thinking that she wasn't a swimmer, but today, I watched her swim the entire length of our pool, deep end to shallow, with great confidence. It was a proud foster mother moment for me. As I type, she's jumping off the diving board, swimming alongside the rest of the kids and having a ball! 

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