Friday, June 13, 2014

A Staffing, A Staffing!

It's 1:30 AM, I've promised to take the kids berry picking early in the morning, and I can't sleep. I've visited with our adoption worker many times over the last two days. 

The staffing for our sibling group is scheduled for July 1st!!!!
That day, the kids' team members will gather together and interview each potential adoptive family. There are 2-4 families being interviewed. We will have time to ask any questions we have about the kids as well. This is the day we've been waiting for. We'll finally be able to ask the foster parents about the kids' real life and needs.

I was shocked to learn that they will interview all the families interested in the kids and decide which (if any) family will be the most likely fit that same day. Our appointment was originally scheduled for 2:30, which would have given us about an hour to make a final decision about whether or not we could offer a successful forever home. The last time I talked to our adoption worker, she had scheduled us for 9:30 AM instead. In theory, that will give us most of the day to pray, discuss, and discern. And then we'll hear whether we are "the family" or whether we will are meant to be simply prayer warriors for these two kids who have nestled into my heart. If we are selected, the kids will begin to transition immediately. We'll meet them, they'll meet our kids, spend a weekend with us, and then, one at a time, they will come to stay. If we are selected, we will have another child in our home, if not two more, by the start of school. 

I warned myself not to get attached, to keep praying for God's will and not my own. But I find myself planning room arrangements for two more children. And my peace and confidence that we are meant to belong to each other grows in spite of the lectures I give myself. 

Fourteen years ago, my desire to reach out to young women took root. That desire was a huge part of my decision to become a high school teacher. Three years ago, it was the teenagers waiting for homes who tugged at my heart and made tears spill down my cheeks though I never thought I would consider adopting them until my children were grown. A year ago, J asked if we could adopt a girl her age, and Noah asked for a boy his age. I laughed at both of them and said they should pray for what they wanted. And now we're three weeks from a staffing for the very siblings they prayed for.  I can see so many events in our life culminating. So many mountains have been moved, security nets set in place, and affirmations received. And now we wait. We might wait just seventeen days, or many more months. 

Nine months ago, I was so nervous about the idea of adopting a teenage girl, but today I'm more scared of being told that another family has been selected. 

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