Saturday, May 17, 2014

One Month. Foster Updates.

As I was sitting in a MOPS meeting, two faces popped up on my phone. Two brown haired girls in cute little bathing suits grinning happily. And for the first time, my heart ached to snuggle them again.

Today marks a month since our girls reunited with their parents. What I've found in the past weeks is this. What we offered to their parents mirrors the interaction that we have had since the placement ended. We have been blessed beyond expectation with pictures, texts, and happy answers to my occasional check-ins. It has made me even more resolved to be involved with birth parents to the fullest extent that is safe and healthy for all involved.

We never heard anything more about our potential adoption placement. The last time we talked to their worker, we were the only family who had expressed interest in the two of them, and we were supposed to be arranging meeting with their foster parents to get more insight into their history and needs. Again, we have left it in God's hands and continue to pray for the two of them.

We've received three placement calls in the last couple weeks. We declined two that were within our age range. We offered our home as a last resort, then prayed like crazy for God's will, for the social worker making calls, and for the foster families answering their phones. We were never called back to say they needed us, and I felt ok with our choice to let our kids breathe a little while longer. The third call was for a child we are not equipped to care for.

I've been watching my kids over the past month, and I think, for the most part, they are ready to take on another placement. I am happy to have our vacation coming up in just two weeks. It gives us a nice, legitimate reason to wait on a placement and makes it easier for us to stick with what we believe is best for our kids in the long run.

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