Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Smiley Baby Weekend and A Submitted Home Study

We're off to the beach soon, and when we return, we'll be ready to dive into our summer. We did respite care for a 3 month old baby full of smiles over Memorial Day weekend. When the worker called, I was so happy that we were able to help out after the string of "no" that we'd given lately. 

It was another painless experience. We met Smiley, and 30 minutes later I left with her to take Miriam to a birthday party. The baby came along to bring flowers to cemeteries and to a Memorial Day barbecue at a friend's home. She woke up every three hours to eat at night and promptly went back to sleep. She was a pure delight, and Noah and Miriam were thrilled to hold her, tell her stories, and feed her. I was sad that J missed out on the little bundle, but there will be more chances. 

As I was talking to the worker about Smiley's respite, a call came in from Children's Division. When it rains it pours! It was our adoption worker inquiring about the siblings that we'd been asking about for the last nine months. It was finally time for staffing, and she wanted to ask if we wanted to be considered as their adoptive home. Many weeks ago, we talked to the kids' social worker who had promised to set up meetings with the current foster parents so that we could get more information about the kids' needs. That plan had never come to pass. After relaying the story to our adoption worker, we officially submitted our home study for consideration! I'm a little sick thinking about it. Now we wait. There will probably be weeks of silence, and all the while these two kids sit waiting for a family. 

It makes me crazy if I stop to think that we asked about them nine months ago. NINE MONTHS they've sat knowing they were headed for adoption but not moving. NINE MONTHS. A whole school year. And it will likely be months longer before they are placed in an adoptive home. The waiting is excruciating for me as a foster/adoptive parent. I can't begin to imagine what it is like for the kids. For our sisters who we knew needed to be back home after two weeks but who waited two months for their reunion. For the Brothers who were supposed to be here overnight but stayed five days waiting for the adults involved to get their ducks in a row. I'm realizing that these are not unique cases. They are the norm, at least in our experience. If waiting for certainty drives me crazy, just think what it does to a kid without the maturity to understand the big picture. 

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Nel said...

I can only imagine... my heart would ache for sure.