Monday, March 3, 2014

First Week with the Sisters: Rundown

"What her/his name?" 
"What you doin?"
"Go home?" 
"Where Mommy?"
"Where Daddy?" 
"Miss Kelley say no?" 

That pretty much sums up my week. Day one was spent pulling little monkeys down from stair railings, counter tops, shelves and beds. I walked behind my monkeys picking up everything that needed to be kept out of little hands. And I said "No." A lot. Bedtime was HARD. It was close to 10:00 before everyone was asleep in their beds. They awoke several times through the night.

Day two was a pretty great day. The girls and I played baby doctor all morning. We had lunch, they both napped long enough for me to catch a shower, and before we could get bored or cranky, it was time to pick up the big kids from school. Bedtime was a little smoother. I let both girls snuggle with me until they fell asleep. They were in bed by 9:15 and both slept through the night! 

Day three was placement hearing day. And dance class day for Miriam. It was packed with many appointments and we were barely home. Bedtime was better still.  I think the girls were exhausted. They both crashed on the couch with me and were in their beds around 9:00. Big sister woke up several times overnight, and little sister slept through. 

On day four, I took the girls on a quick shopping trip to let big sister pick out big girl undies. She was SO excited! We got home, picked up kids from school, visited my mom's house, and got home in time for dinner. Bio Mom and Dad called around 7:45 that evening, and the girls were a little thrown off by that. Bedtime was rough. It was about 9:45 before both of them were in bed. They both woke up overnight. 

Day five (Saturday) started with a Lego competition for Noah. Amos and I are coaches, so we really had to be there. We loaded up all the kids and took them to the event. It was utter insanity! I made it through the opening ceremonies where Noah's team was recognized and took the girls and left. Both sisters fell asleep in the van. When we got home, we played at the neighborhood playground until dinner time. Bedtime was a breakthrough when little sister let me lay her in her crib to sleep. She slept through the night; big sister woke up several times.

We attempted Mass on day six. It was laughable! The snow scared most of the parishioners away, and we were the only family with kids. I said, "Well, every single person witnessed the inanity, but at least that wasn't many!" The rest of the day was spent at home. Bedtime was pretty great. Little sister went to sleep in her bed again and slept through the night. Bis sister awoke less often.

My biggest trial is definitely disciplining the girls. At first, I was torn about my expectations of them. They're two years old, and I'd forgotten what reasonable expectations are at that age. It was really a good thing that the behavior was so out of control that first day because I didn't have a choice but to set firm boundaries and consistent consequences. I'm SO glad that I did because big sister responded to time out like a dream and has (so far) respected my "no." Little sister continues throws a fit with the best of them. She is all drama, and her performance is complete with flopping, screaming, and an occasional glance to see if she has an audience. She rarely does. 

We truly have made huge strides this week! The kids are all getting along fairly well (I'll write about my bios soon), and Amos and I are learning to to go to bed early or live on little sleep!

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