Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fantastic Things

Fantastic things about our new girls. Because some days we all need to be reminded of the blessings around us!

Simultaneous naps. They've been easy to put down for naps since day two, and they've both slept at the same time!

They love to tickle each other, and their giggles are PURE JOY!

Neither one are messy eaters.

Big sister LOVES to brush her teeth.

They are both great at bath time.

They let me do housework and enjoy helping change laundry.

Both sisters now know our clean up song, and they're generally happy to sing it with me while we pick up toys.

They like the group Fun. and Eric Hutchinson, two of my favorites for happy music.

Curly hair is so much fun to fix! My own curls give me a lot of expertise that has gone to waste until now.

Bedtime is not full of screaming.

Little sister sleeps through the night, and big sister did last night for the first time.

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