Thursday, February 27, 2014


I have a dark head of curls resting peacefully by my side after an hour of sad, worrisome tears. Little sister woke up crying which caused big sis to awaken. It was downhill from there. Big sister didn't relax until I snuggled them both onto the couch with me. Then, with a protective hand on her little sister, she drifted off. Saddest and sweetest moment of my day.

It was chaotic for much of our day. After getting the girls, we had to make an ER visit. It was 2:45AM when we slipped into bed. The morning was spent chasing down babes and doctor appointments. The afternoon was filled with food and school pick up . The evening was consumed with pulling little gals off tables, ledges, and railings. I never knew what danger existed in a small Rubbermaid storage crate! In spite of all the insanity, I am thankful that we have these two. I am even more grateful that they have each other.

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