Monday, February 10, 2014

Missed Respite Call and Kids Clothing Collection

Our mini getaway last weekend would've been cut short if I'd remembered to forward our phones.

One of my biggest concerns during our licensing process (which isn't really that big) was deciding which phone number to list first on our contact information. Here in the sticks, cell phones don't work reliably. Oftentimes the phone doesn't even ring; and when it does register a call coming in, we're rarely able to hear a voice on the other end. It's a price we pay for the views. 

I'm a homemaker, so I'm home (and thus without reliable cell service) the majority of the time. It was important that we were able to receive calls at night as well, so we went with the land line (Yes, people still have those) as our primary contact number. For a few months, I was nervous when we left the house and tried to check for messages as soon as possible when I was gone. It wasn't as much about missing the chance for a placement as it was making sure the workers knew they would be able to get in contact with us easily. 

After three months, I called the phone company and learned that we could add call forwarding for a mere three bucks a month. That's a small price for peace of mind! NOW... the challenge has been remembering to forward the phones before I leave home. I've turned around on our driveway more than a few times to be sure that we are available to Children's Division. And several more times, like last weekend, I didn't remember until we were too far away to return.

Today when I was clearing messages from the machine, I heard our licensing worker's voice sandwiched between Noah's birthday greetings, and my heart sank. We'd missed a respite care opportunity. She didn't say if it was a sibling group that we'd had before, and I was glad. I'll be all the more disappointed if I find out it was our trio or the boys. I sure miss those kids- all of them! 

I emailed my regrets to our licensing worker and turned my attention to the pile of kids clothes that I needed to sort through. It is a monumental task to try to have basic necessities on hand for the ages and genders we're open to caring for. So far I'm stocked in girls 3-5 and boys 5-6. I have bits and pieces in the rest of the girls' sizes and almost nothing for the smaller boys. My goal is to have a medium size crate for each size and gender... But I think I'm going to have to live through another yard sale season before it's complete!

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