Thursday, February 27, 2014

And Here We Are.

Well, here's the post I finished writing an hour before we got a placement call. We're on our way to get 2 two-year olds right now, so we welcome any prayers....

...A year ago, I never, EVER, would have guessed that we would become traditional foster parents. 

In fact, 8 months ago, when we found out about classes, and went to talk to my parents about our plans, we assured them with absolute confidence that we were pursuing ONLY adoption. 

Oh... and there was something about being open to God's will in all of this. Yeah, we did mention that. 

I mentioned a few weeks ago that after our emergency placement left, I very much wanted to open our home to long term care. BUT, that I didn't want it to be OUR desire but God's. Lots of praying happened in the days leading up to our adoption worker's visit. In the meeting, we had plenty of time to visit with her and for her to get to know us instead of just the us on paper that she'd met through our home study. I was able to ask her about the avenues we were using for adoption; namely AdoptUsKids and Adoption Exchange. I suspected that there were more inquiries about the waiting children online than the workers could juggle, and it sounds like this is most definitely the case. 

In fact, our adoption worker, who has been working in the department for four years, is currently working with her VERY FIRST family who even made it to staffing for a waiting child listed online. 

WHAT?!? That was a reality check, and it made me realize that our family, in our current phase in life, may not be helpful with adopting a waiting child. The children we would be able to parent along with our bio kids are the same kids whose profiles receive hundreds of inquiries. 

What a perfectly clear affirmation of my eagerness to accept long term placements! 

We had a family meeting that evening, and it was decided. 

And so, here we are. We visited CD today to drop off a few items, get our foster parent cards, and visit with our licensing worker about opening our home for long term foster care. As we walked back to her office to chat, she shared that she was preparing for another STARS class to begin tonight. This class would be ONLY for families hoping to foster because the need for licensed homes was SO great. She said that every foster home was full right now with the exception of ONE home that had room for ONE infant. 

I was so thankful for this chitchat that served as a final go-ahead for us. 

It made me able to ask about expanding our license without hesitation. We will be accepting 1-3 children younger that ours, which means birth to 5 beginning at the end of March (we have travel plans that involve flights that would prevent us from taking new kids along). We also assured her that we would cancel travel plans without hesitation if we were needed. She knows to call us if the need arises, but our names will be on the official call list beginning March 25th. 

There is SO much to do around here in the next couple weeks. We'd like to add some more organization to the kids' rooms in preparation for semi-permanent roommates. Our sweet cousins are getting fingerprinted and licensed to provide care for our foster kids. The two of them deserve their very own blog post.
I have no words to express what a blessing they have been to us since they moved next door a year ago!

I think that pretty much brings this little blog up to date. I continue to wonder if this is the role we will settle into in the foster care biz or if there is more yet in store for us. 

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