Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Birthday, A Getaway, and a Foster Adoption Update

We just got home from a couple days in the city. 
We accidentally entertained our kids to the point of exhaustion, 
but it was SO MUCH FUN! It was 48 hours away from real life and real life issues. J isn't a fan of public pictures anymore (or at least right now), so just imagine a teenager along side the Littles! 

My sweet Noah celebrated his birthday. Eight is a big deal to him. He counted down the days for weeks and dreamed of Skylanders hiding inside brightly colored packages. 
Skylanders didn't appear, but he took the disappointment like a champ. 
Because of his grown up reaction to the disappointment, it was all the more enjoyable to see him open his little sister's present- a gift card to Game Stop to be used for the Disney Infinity system. We're taking video game Mondays to a whole new level around here!

We looked at the snow outside from the indoor pool, lined ourselves in the center of the theatre for the Lego Movie and cashed in the freebie birthday gifts at the mall. $5 for Build-A-Bear, a giant free cookie from Barnes and Noble, and a Lego cube (a promo from my Christmas shopping) to fill with building blocks. 
All free entertainment. 

As for the Foster Adoption Updates: 

Before we left home, we inquired about a little 4 year old who is in need of an adoptive placement. We're excited to hear more about this smiling girl with braided hair. 
It will likely end like our other inquiries have, with loose strings and the farthest thing from a tidy package. 
Like always, we are praying for God's will, not our own. God's plan, not our own. We're praying that this sweetheart is in her forever home soon whether that is with us (which would be so amazing!!) or with another family. 

We also heard from our adoptive worker this week to schedule her first home visit with us. 12 days cannot pass quickly enough! I'm so excited to have a chance to sit down with her and ask our mile-long list of questions. The whole point of the meeting is for her to get to know us and be able to better match us to children who are in need of adoptive homes. THAT is an exciting thought! 

Since the boys left a few weeks ago, I've been sitting on my hands to keep myself from changing our license to accept long term foster placements. We all loved having the boys here, and I felt like we were able to establish a great connection with their grandpa in the few days that they stayed with us. It was a short term emergency placement, just like we'd planned to accept. It worked in reality even better than it had in our imaginations. 
Why not commit to longer placements? 
I'm trying to keep in mind that we prayed through our decision making when we were getting ready to sign our foster care license, but in the back of my mind, there's a little piece of me wondering if that was just a stepping stone on our path to traditional foster care. I've watched God work in His perfect timing to warm us to the idea of adoption, then respite care, then short term foster care. There's nothing to say that this is where we will land. We have some big prayers to pray and lots of listening to do. If we're to settle into our current arrangement, then I'm praying for peace with that. If long term foster care is in my family's future, I trust that God will make that known to us. 

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