Saturday, January 11, 2014

Unexpected Adventure: Weekend Respite Care

A blue eyed cutie is asleep in our crib. His older brother with manners that put my kids' to shame is upstairs with Noah and Miriam resurrecting the Tomas the Train set. We're on respite duty this weekend! 

J was set to have a chess tournament today. With nearly a week of snow days, it was canceled at the last minute and left our weekend wide open for some family time. 

Amos and I decided it would be fun to take off, straight from school, no bags packed, on a family adventure. 

We stopped into Amos' office. I plugged my phone in to charge its dead battery. We started to check weather and decide what direction to travel. A kid-oriented resort. Indoor water park. Bunk Beds. A great last minute deal. We were set. As Amos was filling out reservation forms online, my phone sounded its voicemail notification. And just before we booked the weekend journey we'd chosen for ourselves, the voice of our licensing worker took us on an entirely different kind of family adventure. 

Last minute respite care for two brothers. A Monday morning team meeting. Would we take the boys through Monday. If we were open to the possibility of being long term foster care for them, we were invited to come to the meeting as well. 

It was easy to say yes to the boys for the weekend. They fit into our official age and behavior parameters. They fit into our minivan. They fit surprisingly well into our family. 

So here we are, entertaining two sweet boys who may need a new place to call home come Monday.

Needless to say, there will be lots of praying and observing and listening this weekend. We are officially open to short term foster care (up to 30 days) and adoption of children who have already had parental rights terminated. The possibility of long term care wasn't something we had planned for or prepared our kids for. However, God has been working on our kids, and if He wants us to be in the business of long term care, I have faith that He will equip my family for it.

If you find a moment, we would so appreciate any prayers for our discernment, for the hearts of our kids as well as the two sweeties visiting this weekend and their family. 

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