Thursday, January 16, 2014


In the handful of days we just finished living, I watched my crazy and very flawed family of five come together in a way I never imagined. Every one of my children embraced our visiting boys as brothers, Amos and I worked together as a team, and our temporary family of seven was real in those brief moments.

My sweet J wasn't sure about this foster family bit a week ago, and now she can't wait for the next placement. She's talking about being a social worker. Noah took Big Brother under his wing and made sure he felt as comfortable as possible. Miriam grew up and assumed her responsibilities as a big sister with grace and humility. And everyone loved on Little Brother like he was their very own.  

Life was busy, but peacefully busy. 
By God's grace, I know in my heart that THIS is exactly where He meant for us to be in this moment. 
We were IN HIS WORK. It was scary, stressful, chaotic at times, but in ALL of that, there was more beauty than I've ever known. 

What God taught me in these days is that there is no truer happiness than in letting go, completely, of our plans and trusting in HIS. 
This life is about living for Christ with RECKLESS ABANDON. 
He knows my children; after all, they are HIS first and forever. He knows my marriage, my heart, and my loved ones. God's plan is a beautiful one, one that can lead everyone involved closer to Christ. I have no words to express how blessed we are to be fumbling through this life in search of HIS path. 

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