Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Supporting other Foster Families, Foster License, and Waiting Child Inquiry

Our friends from our licensing class received a placement- two girls. We are super excited for them. And we are brokenhearted. You can't exactly celebrate when it was tragedy that expanded their family. So we do what we know how to do. We help. And we listen. I spent the morning going through J's storage clothing for items that would work for the girls. I did laundry. The kids chose books to share. I invited other mommies to help. 

Reading texts from my friend about her girls made me antsy to get our own placement. And it made me want to never get one. Getting a placement means that a child needed us. It means they didn't have a safe place to be. It means a child was hurt in some way and that a major separation had to take place. 

Our license came in the mail the very same day. 

It is beautiful and valuable and precious. 

It is a single sheet of paper, but it signifies years of prayer and listening and waiting. Months of classes. Hours of paperwork. And most importantly our goal and commitment to serve children.

Speaking of that goal, we expressed interest in a sweet 7 year old boy today. This is the first child we've inquired about since being licensed. If this is the child God has planned for our family, that will be amazing!! And if He has other plans, then we're happy to be testing the waters of adopting from foster care. We used AdoptUsKids to inquire, and the form made me realize once again that we're rookies in this area. I didn't know the date of our home study, the official name of our agency, what social worker to write down. Sometimes I need visual aids to find out which already-too-busy person to bug with my question. Inevitably, I contact the wrong one, and she spends precious minutes of her time redirecting me. The email responses are in sharp contrast to the conversations I have with these sweet ladies when we're face-to-face. 

one liners with hardly a period to end them. 

I picture them pouring through endless emails from clueless foster moms like me. I'm trying to take a hint and keep my emails as straightforward as theirs, but I find myself adding chit-chatty remarks like "Sorry to bug you once again..." or "I'm really looking forward to starting this process..." I'm sending a little holiday something to our circle of workers in apology appreciation for their time. 

My Dear Licensing Worker,
Please accept this gift as a pathetic attempt to balance our service to one another. Your willingness to spend your precious moments on my silly questions has not gone unnoticed. 
Your Rookie Foster Mom

Something like that anyway! 

** Just after I published this I got an email from our adoption worker assuring me that my questions were welcome any time and that the adoption process was most definitely a confusing one.  Little emails like that make me feel like part of the social work family.