Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Divine Appointments: Unplanned Foster Mom Meetups

This morning you would have found me at my favorite coffee joint with my favorite man and a bottomless mug of my favorite beverage. I planned my lesson for church. He brought home the bacon.

While we were soaking up the freedom from tending and shushing, the foster mom of last weekend's visitors came in for a caffeine fix. We talked foster care, and she asked if we'd want to have the kids back next month. Apparently the kids enjoyed their stay with us which makes me happy.

God plants us right where we need to be. Sets our appointments for us. Love it.

That's not the only appointment God made for me this month. It turns out that one of the newbie foster moms from our licensing class works at my orthodontist (Yep, I'm a new Invisalign patient- even have a spiffy t-shirt to broadcast it).

We swapped contact information at my diagnostic appointment, and we're getting our families together for a barbecue this weekend.

Running into another foster mom is amazing. We talk like we've known each other for ages, and that's huge for me- a gal who takes a bit to warm up. I'm so blessed that I've been able to have those impromptu support group meetings, been able to compare licensing procedures and gab about house preparations and talk about fostering with bio kids. We're walking the same walk, which means we know what questions to ask and what reassurance to offer. Basically, we're talking to ourselves and we're happy to listen.

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