Monday, July 8, 2013


Walking into foster care adoption is a scary thing for me. I feel stress when we're in transition, be it a job transition, a move, or a major milestone (our youngest starting kindergarten in a few weeks, for example). With my distaste for transitions and the unknown, it surprises me that I welcome changes in our life. When I know life is about to change, I am excited, but I just want to make a decision and get on with life. I struggle with waiting for God's perfect timing, and it's even more difficult to make use of the transition time. I'm just now learning that the transition time isn't so that we won't feel the change. It's so that we'll be ready for it. It's not a time for transition at all. It's a time for preparation!

God let the Israelites wander the dessert for ages- 
FORTY YEARS before they were permitted to cross the Jordan River. 
They weren't ready.

In the same way, I know that God won't ask us to enter into something that we're not ready for. I also know that we won't be able to do His will unless we allow ourselves to be molded and armed for the work ahead. With this in mind, I've been trying to give more time to God and less to the world. Because I DO want to walk the path he has planned for my family. I WANT to be ready, and I want my husband and children to be ready.

I'm trusting God's plan and timing. I'm trusting that He knows what armor my family will need for the road ahead and that he'll equip us if we are obedient and faithful. 
Today is not about transitioning after all. 

Today is about PREPARING. Not just preparing, though. 
Today is about allowing God to PREPARE me. 

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