Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8th Daybook

For July 8, 2013


Outside my window... 4 hours of yard work has resulted in a yard that looks only slightly overdue for a trim. Trying to keep up with 3 acres of wooded "yard" isn't the way I prefer to spend my summer mornings and evenings, but enjoying the fruits of the labor is huge incentive! It's SO close to being hammock and lemonade ready! 

I am thinking... about all the inquiry calls that need to be made this week. Calls about driveway work, carpentry work, tree removal. I sure hope that at least some the cost quotes we get sound low enough to hire out. I do not look forward to trying to DIY that list! 

I am thankful... for my kids and my family. They are a blessing from God to me every day. I sometimes get distracted, selfish, and lazy, forgetting to share fully in their lives. I'm thankful for daily reminders of how precious their lives are to me and how exciting life is when sharing someone else's excitement. 

In the kitchen... It's simple and basic lately. Summertime tends to be like that around this house. Cereal for breakfast most mornings, sandwiches and fresh produce for lunch, and quick dinners. Last night Amos grilled burgers, so we'll probably have leftovers for lunch, and I think I'll use the rest of the ground beef for enchiladas later this week.

I am wearing... grey athletic shorts and a blue t-shirt. I've already been out weed eating our yard this morning.

I am creating... these "envelopes" for a mission trip that my sweet friend is leading later this month- The prototype is finished, now to tweak the design and whip up several of them! 

I am going... with J to visit my sister this week! It'll be a whirlwind road trip, but it will be good to have the time with my sweet almost-teenager to blast music, sing loud, and snuggle some sweet kids before we turn around and head back toward home.

I am reading... Love Does by Bob Goff. I keep reading snippets to my husband, and he keeps asking if this is fiction. What an incredible life Bob Goff has lived. It's an easy read, but it's not as easy to consider living life in the way the author has. I'd definitely recommend the book! 

I am praying... for my sister who is starting her first week solo with two kids, for my grandma who wasn't feeling well this weekend, for my kids as God continues to work in their hearts in preparation for this adoption process, for my J as she travels with her dad, for those serving God and for those in need of His mercy. 

I am looking forward to... the end of our summer activities this week! Ball season and the dance year both wrap up this week, and while it's been great fun for the kids and for Amos and I, I'm ready to have our evenings back for a while. We'll be going from being busy four nights a week (and Saturday morning) to only having our foster care class on the regular schedule. It'll be amazing while it lasts!

I am learning... that foster care adoption is complicated, and there's no way that we'll learn everything we need in our class. There isn't a support group or social group for foster parents close to us, so the thought of starting one is already in the back of my mind. 

Around the house... We're in home study preparation mode. Knives need a new place in our kitchen, a bedroom door needs to be installed, a countertop has to be finished to name a few. I'm sure it won't all be complete by the first visit, but the goal is to check it all off the list before our class is over. Six weeks and counting... 

I am pondering... the gospel reading from yesterday, Luke 10:1-12. "The Kingdom of God is at hand." Jesus sent pairs of men before him to the towns he would visit. They went empty handed to prepare the way of the Lord. Empty handed but fully equipped to do the work they were tasked with. Less of me, and more of you, Lord! 

A favorite quote for today... "We get to decide each time whether we will lean in toward what is unfolding and say yes or back away... So the next time God asks you to do something that is completely inexplicable, something you're sure is a prank because it requires a decision or courage that's way over your pay grade... say yes." (from Love Does)

A few plans for the rest of the week: Swimming, STARS foster class, ball practice, KC trip, dance class, ball games, dress rehearsal, dance recital! Praise God that our days are mostly free, because our nights are enough to sink us this week! 

A peek into my day...
Tie Dyeing with the littles!

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