Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Photo List of Smiles

It's been a stressful week or two, but we've had lots of reasons to SMILE too! 

J came home for the day, and we got to take a road trip so that she could meet her newest cousin. It was SO good to get a little mother-daughter time in with her!

Watching J open her package full of Octocat stickers... oh priceless! Amos mentioned to a guy from the company, GitHub, that she loved their mascot, And he sent her a giant pile of Octocats dressed in all kinds of silliness!

It's the little things, like latte art... 

Miriam performed in her second recital. And so did Amos! 

Little ballerinas always make me smile!

My parents added a sidewalk. J and Noah enjoyed watching concrete be poured. All three kids got to add their hand prints. J got to come home for Grandma's funeral. It made everyone in my family happy to have her home for the night, and she was thrilled to see her out-of-state uncle and aunt too. 

I acquired a TEENAGER!

The little ones went on their first train ride last weekend. It was a lot of fun for them, and fun for me to watch them enjoy the experience- especially walking to the cafe car. Moving between cars was the highlight of their trip! 

And at our destination, we got to go to the zoo and see a really entertaining polar bear who did back flips off the glass wall of his swimming pool, a tiger who was pouncing on the netting of his cage, and for the first time, kangaroos.


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