Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Reason for Sharing

When the letter arrived inviting us to the summer session of STARS classes, one of the first things I did was dive into research. I scoured Amazon for books on foster care adoption, attachment, general adoption, and general foster care. I stopped by Barnes and Noble and weeded through the psychology and family sections. When my mind wouldn't' calm, I spent nights browsing blogs and Pinterest. I started my Foster Adoption Board.

Amazon offered one, ONE, book on foster adoption. 
Barnes and Noble had one, ONE, book on adoption. How does a giant store have only ONE book about adoption?? 
The internet was by far the most helpful research tool. I found a great post on adopt-only foster adoptions,
but I have yet to find a blog about foster adopt ONLY. Everyone fostered-to-adopt. And none of those couples had bio kids already. 

This week, I began to learn the value of sharing our personal stories with each other. What I wouldn't give to pick the brain of another mother who had walked her kids through the process of adopting from foster care! SO, I'm going to share this walk, however short or long it may be, whatever the outcome. There will be mistakes along the way as Amos and I fumble our way through the licencing process, but at the end of it all, there will be one more honest account of what it looks like to walk through foster care licensing and (possibly!) adoption. Arming another parent with information is a pretty great reason to share our story! 

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