Friday, January 18, 2013

My kids are curious just like everyone else's. I'm constantly being hammered with questions that test my knowledge of science, history, and random facts. Sometimes I can answer with confidence, and other times the poor kids get the "Let's look it up" line. Sadly, life gets busy, and most of the time, we don't end up researching those tabled topics.  

Tonight on the way home from dance, Noah had another question outside my expertise (of course, it's already forgotten), and together, we brainstormed our way to the idea of Google Fridays.  The theory is that we'll collect all the questions that get the "Let's look it up" answer.  Every Friday, we will research and find the answers for them.  

To help ensure that this idea takes root, I whipped up our Google Friday Box after bedtime as a way to keep track of our questions between Fridays.

I love any opportunity to reuse one of my Cascade containers!  The container, along with a printed card stock label cut to 4"x5", a 3.5"x4" card stock, and a little tape created what I hope will be a great learning tool.

I've packed a pocket size notebook in my purse so the kids can write questions on the go, but I added a pocket and slips of paper to give them an easy way to document questions at home as well. 

My hope is that this Google Friday experiment will 

encourage CURIOSITY 
build an understanding of RESEARCH
increase KNOWLEDGE of subjects that interest them
strengthen our FAMILY UNIT

Happy Google Friday!


Amanda said...

I LOVE this. So cool. We will be totally be stealing this idea. Thank you.

Nel said...

Very cool idea!!!!