Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tiny Dancer Takes the Stage

Several weeks ago, we finished an eleven month experiment.  Last August, I committed to driving two hours (round trip) to take Miriam to what I hoped would be a proper, organized, classical ballet studio.  I researched studios for a year prior to enrolling Little Miss, and when we finished our placement class at Dance Project, I knew it was a great fit!  The studio owner, Miss Barb, gave us a discount in tuition simply in an effort to help with the travel expenses, offered to schedule classes around us if need be, and I was even more impressed.  I watched the year of classes go by, waiting to start resenting the drive or for Miriam to start resisting classes.  Neither happened.  Suddenly it was summer, the recital came and went, and it was enrollment time and decision time for us.

My Sweet Girl's First Recital

I KNOW it's ridiculous to drive a 4 year old an hour away for dance classes for a multitude of reasons, but we've chosen to enroll Miriam for another year.  For us, the drive is worthwhile.

Daddy works downtown in St. Louis and stays overnight two to three nights a week to cut down on the monotony of the drive.  Because the studio is close (ish), he's able to see the kids on nights that he normally couldn't.  This is especially great for Noah.  

On Stage for the  Daddy-Daughter Dance
Daddy and Miriam after their performance

The studio, as a whole, is both wholesome and technically sound.  I watched this year's recital and was SO pleased at the tastefulness of the older dancers' choreography and costuming.  These were the types of performances I was happy to have Miriam watch, admire, and eventually aspire to.