Monday, March 12, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Goodies

It was really inevitable that I'd come to love the green, happy, silly traditions of St. Patrick's Day. My Irish blood combined with the close proximity to MST's St. Paddy's Day spirit made the holiday all the more fun for me growing up!

I'm so thrilled that our preschool celebrates St. Pat's with a classroom party. I love an opportunity to bring out my green food coloring! Last year's class treats were a hit with the kids, moms, and teachers.

In 2011, before Pinterest, these awesome goodies that I found online passed as clever, and I still think they are! They're also great for those schools that don't allow homemade treats to be brought in. This is just a dessert bag (I buy mine from the cake decorating isle at Wal-Mart) filled with Twizzlers Rainbow and a few chocolate coins (found them in Target's $1 section this year). The tag was a free printable backed in golden cardstock. When the teachers saw them, they used them as their prize at the end of the class leprechaun hunt. I think they're worth repeating this year!

I found a candy mold at my favorite cake supply store last year and made these candy covered pretzel rods. If you've never used candy molds before, you really have to try them! If you're using one color of candy melts (I use Wilton brand), they're impossible to mess up and quick to set too! The kids thought they were very tasty!

The trifles I made were a little experiment. I thought they turned out cute! The layers were green vanilla pudding, chocolate cake drizzled with irish cream creamer, chocolate pudding, and green cool whip. I topped them with a little crushed Heath bar.


Nel said...

Adorable of course!!!!

Ashley said...

1. Super glad you're back to blogging!

2. So cute...I miss making these kinds of things a priority - somehow they just didn't make the list when I went back to work!