Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bright Eyed Owl Birthday Cake

A few months ago, I was asked to make an owl cake and smash cake for a first birthday party. There are SO many ideas out there, so I had plenty of inspiration! I ultimately decided to make a round, two tiered cake and use fondant to make whirly pops, owls, and trim, inspired by this one.

My lollipops were made a few days ahead of time to allow time for drying. I experimented with several methods and found it best to roll two ropes individually, then roll them together, and then roll the rope into a spiral. I inserted Wilton lollipop sticks up through the center of the spirals and later cut them to the lengths I needed.

I found an owl illustration online to use as a template for my large owl. I blew up the image on my screen, traced it, and made patter pieces. I used a paring knife (I'm sure not the most efficient tool!) to cut each piece from 1/8 inch thick fondant. While the pieces were still soft, I layered them. The old (young?) bird needed two long dowels between her back and front layers that would be inserted through the 3-D feet when I assembled the cake. The entire owl needed to lay flat for 24 hours to dry.

The smash cake owl was really just a repeat of playing with play-do as a kid. I used chocolate fondant (Wilton's brand) for the body, cut pink circles with an icing tip for the feathers, and flew my the seat of my pants for the rest!


Chrissy said...

Very cute!

So you're back to blogging? :)

Nel said...

The girls love them!!!!!