Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dipping My Toes Back In...

Well... an unintentional blogging break- have to admit, it's felt great not to bother with my computer past my email account for the last month! My break from the world wide web really started on our family vacation to Colorado the first of June. Having misplaced my car charger, I found myself without a cell phone for the majority of the trip. I checked my messages periodically, but that was it- no ringing potential, no clock, no option to text or call anyone.


It made me wish we could cancel our cell service and set up the old land line answering machine. Life is just simpler without the expectation that you'll be available at everyone's beck and call.

And so I decided to let myself neglect the internet in exchange for time with the kids, time to catch up on business, time with family, and most importantly time with God. It's been a peaceful month, one full of craziness, vehicle problems, weddings, and too many day trips, but so much peace through it all. I think we should all soak up a stretch of old-fashioned simplicity once in a while and take the time to enjoy the life around us that God created... not Microsoft or Apple.


Mommy said...

I soo love the pictures!
And while I understand the break... I did miss your blog ;o)

Holly Rutchik said...

I missed you!!! But, I knew you were on vacation - so I was praying it was this and not something bad. I think the summer lends itself to this break - I have taken one myself.
These pics are great, but a blessed mama you are!