Sunday, May 2, 2010

St. Louis Adventure Rundown

We had a great pseudo-weekend in St. Louis last week! We stopped by the Whittle Shortline Railroad in Valley Park. Where I picked up Little Mister's train table from a Craig's List ad, the seller told me about the store/play area. We finally got around to venturing off the interstate. It was so worth it- there were four wooden train tables including one that must've been 20 feet long. The kids were able to stand in the open area in the middle of the table and play. The store itself was a little disappointing. The selection of trains was similar to a really great toy store... but no one was begging me to purchase anything, so it was really a good thing!

We grabbed lunch and headed to Laumeier Sculpture Park. The kids ended up leading me on a 2 hour hike through the park's woods. Even Little Miss trekked the whole way.

We headed to Jilly's Cupcake Bar for a sweet indulgence. The kids loved their treat, and I had fun watching their excitement and enjoyment! Probably not worth the expense, but it was a fun splurge nonetheless!

We checked into our hotel next, and the kids enjoyed watching TV until Daddy got off work and joined us. I found it pretty amusing that my poor satellite-less children were so pumped to watch Word Girl and Animal Planet.

With Daddy, we stopped by Hobby Lobby and headed to Texas Roadhouse for dinner... then back to the hotel for bedtime!

The next morning we attended a story time that was part of the St. Louis Storytelling Festival. It was one of those presentations that included goofy songs, got the kids bouncing and singing along, and was generally a fabulous free 45 minutes. The storyteller is the children's librarian in Columbia, MO and made me want to drive there for her story hours!

The event took place in the St. Louis Carousel building in Faust Park, so we paid our $4 and all rode the carousel before we headed home.


Nel said...

Sounds perfect!!!

Ashley said...

You plan such wonderful weekends, we're really going to have to join you on one sometime!

Jaelyn Jamik said...

Glad you had fun with some of our St. Louis faves. If you're ever this way again, keep my kid-friendly events in mind. Thanks, Jaelyn: