Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Slip of the Tongue

Little Mister is a pretty smart cookie, but he's like all kids- sometimes he gets his words a little mixed up. He used to say bana instead of banana... you know, like all little ones. I know that I'll cary one such slip of the tongue as a cherished memory, and I'll be a little sad when he finally gets it right. See, Little Mister can't quite grasp the concept of the 'w' in wife. Instead, he says life. The replacement of one tiny letter makes me smile and reflect on marriage every time the word comes into his 4-year-old conversations.

After Aunt Amanda accepted her boyfriend's marriage proposal, Little Mister said with great excitement, "Mamma, now Dan will finally have a life!"

Hilarious, yes, but other times, like today, he talks about his daddy. He says something like, "Mamma, I'm so glad that you married Daddy and became Daddy's life." Yes, son. Me too. I'm eternally grateful to have a husband who really does make me his LIFE.

And sometimes he's just cute. Sometimes he'll talk about growing up and getting married. And when he does, I always point out that God might want him to be a priest or single when he grows up. And inevitably, he says, "But Mom, I want to have a life!" And then we get to talk about the incredible life of a priest and the unique abilities possessed by those called to the single life.

Whenever we talk about wives, no matter how hard I'm laughing, I'm compelled to say a quick, silent prayer that he lives as if the two words truly have the same meaning. I pray that, should he be called to marriage, he makes his wife his life... a life centered around and enveloped by God's love.


Nel said...

Love it, and it makes my heart smile :o)

Molly said...

I LOVED this post :) soo sweet and innocent! You know I have a soft spot for him anyway..lol... love this kid!!

StumblingServant said...

hahaha! I totally agree, Dan's finally going to have a life! ;) lol. Oh I can't wait to be home and see you guys so much more often! :D