Saturday, April 10, 2010


When Big Sister was nine months old, we tagged along with my parents and sisters to visit my big brother in Colorado. We toured the US Mint, visited Boulder, and poked our way around Denver for a few days.

When Big Sister was 5 and Little Mister was just a few months old, my mother and I loaded them up and took off across the state of Kansas to visit my brother again. This time our trip was crammed to the max with a train ride on the Georgetown Loop, a stop at Red Rocks, hiking and camping in the stunning Colorado Flattops (three hours drive into the stix followed by a hike into the middle of the Rockies' wilderness... no campsite for these explorers!), a visit to Dinosaur National Monument across the border in Utah, the butterfly house and train yard. It was a busy trip, but SO much fun!

And now... we're going back! It's official. In June, Hubby and I will pack the kids into the minivan and head off for the Centennial State. It will be the first visit for Little Miss and my husband. What's more, it will be our first vacation with our family alone.

We'll spend a few days exploring Rocky Mountain National Park, stop by Boulder (which offers one of my two favorite downtown shopping areas in the country), and head to Denver for the remainder of our trip to revisit Red Rocks, The Mint, and gear ourselves up for whatever may be up my big brother's sleeve!

We're not headed to the coast, so I'm still a tiny bit jealous of all you who will be laying on a beach with a book and the scents and sounds of the ocean... makes me more relaxed just thinking about it!

But there is something indescribably majestic about the Colorado Rockies. Just being there makes me feel small, but not in a feeble sort of way. There, I am keenly aware of God's care... so very humbled to be living my life... and simply safe in His arms. I am so sincerely thankful that I get to share this glimpse at God's exquisite creation with my family.


Ashley said...

Awesome Kel! I can't wait to hear all about it!

Mrs F said...

Woo Hoo for vacations!!!

StumblingServant said...

So, we need to talk! Dan and I are taking the northern route home from Cali, through Colorado, in June. ha! Maybe it'll be the same time! :P

Ashley said...

Hi I found you via FridayFollow. My name is Ashley said...

Hi Kelley! Found you on FF. I love your living in the house your grandparents had, that's so touching! I'm following you.

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Have a beautiful day!