Wednesday, April 28, 2010

500 Miles of Happiness

Life is feeling pretty good right now.

Preparations for this morning's play date meant that my house was sparkling this morning, and the cancellation of said date meant that it stayed clean all day!
Since I was caught up on housework for once and had no plans, I spent a large part of the day just playing with the kids. We played old school Nintendo (Mario Brothers I), played with My Little Ponies and pirates, and took a trip to the local trout park to feed fish and play on the playground. I even took the opportunity to climb and swing on the jungle gym with them. The camera was neglected so we could just live the afternoon instead of trying to capture it.

Tomorrow I will pack up the kids and head to St. Louis to spend Big Sister's 2 days off school. I'm not sure what we'll busy ourselves with, but it'll be two days away from home and life!

This weekend, I'll be making two cakes: A very simple dinosaur cake and a Somewhere Over the Rainbow cake. I'm SO excited about the second one! If all goes as planned (never a guarantee in the cake world), I'll be posting pictures of the edible ruby slippers next week.

I'm not sure why I'm not bothered by the leak that continues in our replacement engine in spite of the trip to the shop on Monday... or the ever growing grass that begs for our lawn mower to return from the shop... or the five pounds that I let myself acquire over the last month (two are have already disappeared)...

I suppose life just isn't meant to be wasted being upset for too long. When life delivers a real disaster to endure, it's so much easier to shrug off leaks and money shortages and burnt dinners. You finally get that happiness is a choice, not bred by pleasant circumstances. Or you don't... and you're stuck seething, filled with self pity. I've been talking with Big Sister about this very topic a lot lately. She's at the height of that phase where finding the wrong vegetables on her plate makes her world fall apart. I think I hear, "This is the worst day of my life!" at least three times a week. I feel sorry for the kid, stuck in all that pouting. I am ever repeating to her that happiness is her choice... but at nine, I think she's a few years (or decades) away from wanting to hear me.

I just hope that I'm living as an example. I sure feel happy in my life, but sometimes I wonder if I'm acting happy enough. I'm trying to make a point of smiling more, being silly more, just visibly enjoying life more often. The other night, in response to some backseat bickering, Hubby and I spent the ride home from Mass belting I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers a cappella. The kids thought we were insane as this is not a typical scene in our minivan, but it was great to be acting goofy with each other in front of them.


Nel said...

I need to read this post every day!

Amanda, Joseph, and Scottie said...

You are always such an inspiration. Thanks, for the uplifting moments you share. I appreciate it.