Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Little Miss

Little Mister's birthday is this week, so you'll likely get a double dose of birthing stories. No horror stories this time around! Someday I'll write about Big Sister and what NOT to do, but not this week. Today is a chance to make up for missing Little Miss' birthday post. I know. I'm horrible. Being born around the holidays stinks sometimes. What can I say? Thanksgiving was NOT the best week to sit down to reflect on the past years with her- but it wasn't the calmest week to give birth to her either!

Little Miss was my third pregnancy. I'd been at the hospital twice already only to return home empty handed. See, my pregnancies have each brought with them months of mild braxton-hicks contractions and weeks of moderate ones prior to labor. Living in the middle of nowhere, 45 minutes from the hospital, I didn't want to take a chance at giving birth in the car. Plus, with Little Miss, our insurance costs were the same regardless of the number of false alarms.
On Monday night, I was up crocheting, watching nothing on TV, and trying to figure out what in the world happened to my BH contractions. They'd all but stopped, go figure! Little did I know, it was the calm before the storm! I turned in earlish at 10 or so, and at 11:00, I woke up in... discomfort. Not pain. I laid there waiting for the next fake contraction, and right away (or maybe I'd fallen asleep between them) felt another. Crap. And I was sleeping so soundly! I left Hubby sleeping and got up to see if they would stop when I switched positions. Nope. After having a few 2 minutes apart, I started to get scared. No, they weren't painful, but we were 45 minutes from the hospital and had two sleeping kids upstairs. Hubby got up, I called my parents to come for the kids, and decided to get in the shower, brush my teeth and fix myself up... just in case. I didn't even have time to put shampoo in my hair before I decided I'd better forego the effort for cute pictures and get my tush to the door!

As soon as the headlights swept across the driveway, we headed out to meet my parents. Dad stayed behind, and hubby and I climbed in with my mom to head to the hospital. I still wasn't convinced that this was labor. It was more uncomfortable than I'd experienced, but definitely not painful. I could walk and talk through them for the most part.

It was midnight when we got to the ER and 12:15 when we arrived in the maternity ward. The nurse showed me to an empty labor room, saying "SNIL" to the nurse beside her. She didn't offer me a gown, just asked that I undress from the waist down so that she could check my dilation.

"Are you wanting pain medication, Hun?" asks the nurse.

"I'm hoping not to have any," I reply.

"Well, that's good because you're a nine. It's too late for pain meds."

A nine?!?

Two thoughts went through my head. "Holy crap. I'm not ready to have this baby- I thought I'd be sent back home." and "I could've had this kid in the car!" My mom caught my complete reaction and shared it for just a moment before all hell broke loose around me.

The room filled with nurses helping me undress and gown up, insert an IV, prep the newborn area, and ask me all sorts of questions. "Did you have any complications with your prior births?" "Did either of your children have wide shoulders?" Apparently, my water was the only thing saving the nurse from delivering without a doctor. She did a great job concealing it, but I could tell she was more concerned than I was about that possibility.

At 12:40, the on-call doctor (my OB's wife) arrived, broke my water, caught my kid, and was wrapping up by 12:50AM. I teased her that she made easy money that night!

After the hubbub subsided, we were able to process everything, and my nurse confessed that she just knew we would be going home tonight- so much so that she'd tagged me SNIL: Smiling Not In Labor.

She was on her own schedule then, and she's been that way ever since. She didn't laugh until she was 9 months old, didn't walk until nearly 16 months, and was potty trained at 18 months.

Are you a sucker for birth stories? In Honor of Mama M's birthday, she's hosting a Birth Story Blog Hop! Share your story and let me know you linked up so I can visit you!


jmberrygirl said...

Thanks for sharing!

Sarah said...

Wow!!! Beautiful baby!

Mrs. Haid said...

Why do I like birth stories so much? I could totally watch Discovery Health all day!

Sara said...

i am a sucker for a great birth story, and your was exciting,

I got induced in the hospital, so its not as exciting

Your daughter's birth pic is gorgeous

Tiffany said...

What is it about birth stories? I enjoy reading them, too. Thank you for sharing. Your daughter was an absolutely gorgeous newborn.

Nel said...

I LOVE birth stories!!! And really enjoyed this one! Can't wait for more :)

Shelle said...

I love Birth Stories!! Thanks for sharing yours!! I'm glad you made it to the hospital ;)

Visiting you from SITS!

Chrissy said...

SNIL! That's funny! :o)

Mama M. said...

Kelley...that's an awesome story!! SNIL!! I love it...and, I might hafta use that one!

Everyone once in awhile, someone like YOU catches us off guard!

Beautiful babe!

Mindy said...

Wow, close call! My Mom was 9 cm when she got to the hospital to deliver me too.

I agree w/ Mrs Haid.. I could watch Discovery Health all day too... oh wait, I've been known to do that!

Let's just hope my birth stories are not horror stories someday. :)