Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

I may have mentioned that, when it comes to Valentine's Day, my husband and I are not huge fans. In fact, this morning, I told Little Mister that I had a V Day surprise for him, and hubby said to me, "Oh, Happy Valentine's Day. That's today, right?" We had a little chuckle.

We're not a couple who celebrates Cupid with each other, but we pull out our bag of tricks for our kids!

This morning, Little Mister got to wear his suit to church (the one I scored for $2 three years ago and have been not-so patiently waiting for him to grow into). He said he was a real, live Valentine!

And when I was stuck home with Big Sister who hadn't been feeling well and slept through mass, I made pink heart shaped pancakes for her breakfast.

We gave each of the kids a little something from us for Valentine's Day. This year, it was a new Warriors book for Big Sister and sticker books for Little Mister and Little Miss.

So, I'm not a complete Valentine's Scrooge... we just don't find this weekend one worth battling the crowds over!

Hope your Valentine's Day was extra sweet and filled with the ones you love!


Marie said...

What a sweet heart your little mister is!! Just love that smile! WE rarely if ever go out to eat on Valentines day, but we do exchange cards with each other. We try to show as much love as we can for each other every day of the year, but it is nice to take special note of it on Valentines day as well. xxoo

everyday mom of one said...

I would prefer my husband buy me flowers at some random time of year not when hes reminded or told to ;).