Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dora the Explorer Cake

Dora birthday cake. This cake was one that I really tried to work on my buttercream icing consistency for flat icing my cakes. When I started decorating cakes a couple years ago, this design would have intimidated the heck out of me. Yesterday, I was able to successfully estimate the amount of time I'd need to bake and decorate this cake to feed 50. I started baking at 7:15 and put the finishing touches on the cake at 1:15. Just enough time to shower and load the crew to make the delivery!

The stars were super easy- made with fondant and a cookie cutter. A bit of pearl dust brushed onto each shape created a slight twinkle. I used a round tip to trim the cake, adding a stripe of orange food coloring to my bag to create the line on my pink beads. I've used that technique to make flowers with contrasting tipped petals with great success.

I LOVED that I was able to score this dora set from the Wal-Mart clearance isle! I had a single dora figure in hand when I ran across this set for the same price- $7. It sure beat setting Dora up there all by her lonesome!

My little stars were attached to craft wires that I'd spiraled around a smooth pencil. I really enjoy the effect that such a simple, cheap addition makes to a kid's cake. More pearl dust blown onto the entire cake, and I was ready to hit the road... the mile long string of rocks, bumps, and potholes!


Anonymous said...

very cute!

Sara said...

It looks so good! I love it

Chrissy said...

So very cute!!

Sweet Tooth Cakes said...

Wonderful and I loved the details that weren't over the top!!