Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday's Tirade (in which I spend a bit of time screaming about something insignificant)

Don't buy this game for your kids! It is an instrument of torture packaged with preschooler marketing savvy. If you're looking for a game that will buy you time for laundry or a trip to the bathroom, this is NOT your answer!

Hasbro includes a cute little poem of directions.

"Tap out ice blocks one by one.
They won't melt when you're all done!
Take your time and do some thinking
To keep the polar bear from sinking.
To win, the bear must stay on top.
One wrong block- he'll go ker-plop!"

In reality, this is how the game will work:

Parent will spend 3 minutes assembling the 33 pieces of ice.

Your preschoolers will enjoy a blissful 3 seconds of destruction, possibly injuring sibling or self in the process.

Tray will be returned for reassembly by parent.

The cycle will likely repeat itself, oh, 33 times.

The box indicates an appropriate player age of 3 and older, but don't forget to read the fine print that says Adult Assembly Required. That it NOT an understatement! Do not fool yourself into thinking that your older children will be able to reassemble said ice pieces.

Don't Break the Ice. A game that will leave you (the parent) yearning to break not only the ice but the frame, the mallets, and the legs of the cute ice skating polar bear.

In reality, I LOVED this game growing up and would recommend it for some quality parent child bonding time or for school age children.


Tina said...

Too funny ! I used to love this game too!

But I would not even dare get it for my little ones before, definitely not now - not until they are older.
I remember playing it when I could assemble the blocks - so I must have been at least 8-9-10ish?

What a funny post!

Nel said...

Thanks for the tip ;) Def don't want to be doing that all day yet!

Amanda, Joseph, and Scottie said...

Scottie has just gotten to the point where he can reassemble it himself. It is a great parent/child game, but it is definitely not for those moments when you need them occupied. I suggest Don't Spill the Beans. It kept Scottie occupied forever. He loved counting how many beans he could get on it without spilling it and would laugh and laugh when it spilled. (not good if you have little ones that will eat small items though)