Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Not the Typical Childhood Hero

My son loves all the typical boy characters- transformers, Disney's Cars characters, Handy Manny, Super Why... all the shows that sell action figures in department stores. However, his longest running and greatest hero is THE NUTCRACKER. From the time that Big Sister showed him Barbie and the Nutcracker, Little Mister has adored the story. From the showdown between the mice and the toy soldiers to the gentlemanly care that Nutcracker takes with Clara, my little boy doesn't miss a beat. He begs Big Sister to play the part of Clara and asks her with a great bow, "May I have this dance?" You will not find this boy play fighting as a G.I. Joe or the like. Instead, he can be found, "sword" in hand, warding off a make-believe mouse.
This year, MY favorite christmas present was from my big sister. It did not cost her a dime but it was invaluable to Little Mister and I. Aunt J gave us 2 tickets to watch the St. Louis Ballet perform The Nutcracker. She'd received them from an event that she attended.

When I asked him if he's like to watch the ballet on stage, Little Mister told me yes, "but don't say it's a date, Mom."

On the night of the performance, we arrived at the performing arts center and picked out ornaments to take back to the girls, met a couple mice who were greeting the kids, and found our amazing seats! I knew one of two things would happen when the curtain opened. Either he'd be completely amazed or he'd be throwing a fit and demanding that this was NOT the real Nutcracker! Praise the Lord, he was enthralled. He sat, motionless, on the edge of his seat for the entire first act, whispering to me what was happening as the ballet progressed. I was impressed that he was able to follow the plot so easily!

After the final curtain call, Little Mister got to meet Clara and Nutcracker.

I must've shown him a pretty good time, because on the way home, he said, "Mommy, will you be my date again someday?" Ah... Heaven to my heart!

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