Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Home for Christmas

As I sit here in this house that holds so many of memories, I remember the men in the family (my grandpa, dad and uncles) sitting around the oblong kitchen table debating this and that along the political spectrum. You see, the men in my family are rare gems. Opinionated and stubborn as they come, they are real softies at heart. As a child, I loved to spend time around their playful silliness, and as an adult, I've loved to watch my own children to bask in the fun of them all.

Growing up, my Uncle Chuck, the oldest of the bunch, always stood out from the rest. To the 8-year-old me, he seemed more responsible than the rest of the goofy guys. He dressed in suits at Christmas, was more careful with his words (at least around us kids), and seemed to listen with more ease than the rest of the bunch. While I loved the silly teasing that came from the men at family gatherings, when my Uncle Chuck talked to me, he asked more questions and waited to hear the answers. Watching him and his wife over the years was a true inspiration for me. They seemed SO perfect for each other, complimenting the other's personality and always seeming to genuinely enjoy each other and enjoy life together. I always hoped for such a happy marriage.

Uncle Chuck passed away yesterday after a valiant fight against cancer. I had been talking to my mother earlier in the day (when we knew things were grim) about how many people seem to be called Home during the Advent season: my grandmother, my husband's great-grandmother and cousin, and now my uncle. While this time of year will always be bittersweet to those of us who love and miss them, it is truly a special time to join Our Savior. It brings a new meaning to the words "I'll be Home for Christmas!"


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I thought a bit about the Advent season, but as I read your post, I realized that this past week was the "pink candle week", the Joyful week, when we take a little break from the solomnness of advent and remember the joy of what is to come. How fitting that this is the week that Uncle Chuck was able to fully understand the Joy of what is to come!