Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Financial Cleansing

I'm currently on the brink of a lifestyle overhaul. My two main concerns: finances and weight. Big Surprise. As for the weight, I'll post about that if I'm successful, and as for the finances...

Since January when we started to remodel our new home and took on double house payments, I've lost my formerly clear sight of where our pennies are going. While we always make it from pay day to pay day, I haven't been making much of an effort to contribute to savings or watch our eating out. The fact of the matter is that
some eating out is almost essential if any timely progress is going to be made on a remodel with three kids and very little hired help with construction. And there were so many things (like light fixtures) that we've opted to pay out of pocket for instead of increasing our house loan that we tended to purchase those items as we needed them. Most of our savings was used up in double mortgages and electric bills (along with an untimely string of car repairs to the tune of three thousand dollars). It was NOT a fun six months!

After a very sad electric bill (with the winter months still ahead), I decided that it was time to cut back to the bare essentials for a month or two, let the waves in our checking account calm, and then head back into the process of furnishing our house (because getting Little Mister's mattress set off the floor and onto a bed really has to be remain priority around here!).

My intentions for cutting back the spending:

1) Pack snacks for the car so that fast food isn't necessary when the kids get hungry while we're out.

2) Buy Hubby's morning drinks in bulk instead of him buying them on the way to work. Be sure to hand it to him each morning because he'll walk out without it otherwise.

3) Avoid Walmart and shop Aldi or Kroger for groceries.

4) Try
E-Mealz, a site that shops grocery ads and compiles a menu and shopping list based on the sales. Coupon Code DAVE saved $2.50 on the $15 three month subscription.

5) Set heat to 68 instead of 70.

6) Stay home more.

7) Eliminate McDonald's large Diet Dr. Peppers and take water from home instead.

8) Eliminate movie rentals and find free online movies instead.

9) Don't purchase anything that I can live without.

10) Any Suggestions??


Jessica said...

I don't have any suggestions, sounds like you've got all the bases covered on cutting back. I'm just curious why you will avoid Walmart? I know Aldi's is cheaper than Walmart on lots of things, but is Kroger really cheaper too?

Kelley said...

Wal-Mart is one of those places where I end up with things in my cart that I've been thinking about buying but don't really need...

And Kroger actually has some GREAT sales- even if their basic prices aren't great. I also really like the Kroger brand quality. I was surprised that E-Mealz actually lists Kroger in the same price range as Aldi. There's more variety at Kroger, so that's the menu I subscribed to!