Thursday, September 17, 2009

Shopaholic takes Maurices

Anyone else have a store that proves dangerous to enter? The type that offers the perfect pair of jeans and an array of tops, casual and dressy, that seem to be made with just you in mind? On the way back from taking my 91 year old grandma shopping yesterday, I talked the crew into a visit to my weakness, a store in which I have yet to try on something that I didn't like.

It'd been years (literally) since I stepped foot inside those doors, not because I can't resist the temptation to overspend... couldn't be that. It was most definitely because I've spent the last several years pregnant or postpartum... yep.

As soon as a walked in, I was swept up in the styles, the colors, the organization that I loved so many years ago. But I was on a mission: jeans. Now, we all know that jeans shopping is just not the same after babies, especially after 3 babies. But the stacks of denim came through for me just as it had before. I loved the first pair I tried.

Unfortunately, I made a few selections on the way to the dressing room- just to see if I might finally like myself in cute clothes again. Guess what? It turns out, I did. In every one of the $25 tops I had grabbed. It was as if I couldn't stop myself from piling each of the four tops on the counter with my necessary Taylor Boot Jeans.

Military discount- save 10%. That's not so bad, right? I blindly signed up for a store credit card, something I've never done before and have refused to do under any circumstances. But saving another 10% justified my purchases...right? And I'd start receiving coupons in the mail (as if I need an excuse to visit the store again). My total bill after discounts was just over $100. For one pair of perfect jeans and four tops.

Am I sorry? Oh, no. Not yet anyway.


Holly Rutchik said...

You are so funny! Good for you! Sometimes you need to feel like a woman again - and if that cost 100 bucks - I say not bad.

I feel like these past few weeks your posts have been so honest and although you have some things about your life that bug you or you worry about - you seem.......happier to me. this is a good, good, thing. God is so great!

PS--don't think I am nuts:)

StumblingServant said...

Maurices! Definitely my favorite store, right above New York & Company (Maurices for the more casual, NY&C for the work attire). I got a credit card too! However, I don't live anywhere near one, so I justified it that way, haha.

Everytime I fly into Kansas City, I make Dan drive me there on the way home (it's just down the road)! It's my weakness too! Hmm . . . maybe we're related . . . :)

Nel said...

You go girl! You deserve to do some mommy shopping ;)

Amanda, Joseph, and Scottie said...

I love Target and Old Navy. They are definitely my two biggest downfalls. When I worked in an office I couldn't live without New York & Company. You need those moments and splurges to feel like a woman. I find my husband doesn't usually mind me buying something that keeps me looking and feeling good. Of course I am the one who stresses over the budget, so he knows if I spend it, it must be OK.

xoxoKrysten said...

LOVE Maurice's! I wish I had money to shop right now!