Friday, September 25, 2009

One Person's Ordinary is Another Person's Disappointment

Today Big Sister went on her first public school field trip. What was she most excited about, you might ask? Not the fact that she would be out of school for the day. Not the destination that would allow for lots of time outdoors. Not the opportunity for a day filled with socializing with friends. No, not my daughter. She was, in fact, hyperventilating about her very first ride on a school bus.

Oh yeah.

Not only was she incredibly excited about the opportunity to get crammed in a 40 foot vehicle smelling of all the post-playground sweat of 80+ kids, but she was also nervous. Big Sister was very afraid of the bullies she might encounter on said bus ride. It took a bit to help her understand that the bus rides that I refuse to send her on are the ones including students much older than her, not to mention those with considerably less supervision.

The ride proved less than romantic. Perhaps the loose tooth that she finally lost at the end of the day stole the bus ride's thunder (the tie-died tissue she was biting on was enough to distract me from my after school line of questioning... gross!). The kid gave a quick "good" and went right back to dreaming about what she'd buy with her tooth fairy money.

What's the going rate for one of those now anyway?

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Marie said...

I dread to think. My kids used to get a looney. (Canadian dollar coin) I can appreciate the thrill of going on a school bus. There was a time when I was in elementary school when a ride on one would have thrilled me too!