Sunday, September 27, 2009

Down and Dirty: Barnyard Cake

Did I ever feel like I was on a Food Network cake challenge last night! This cake was probably one of my most disappointing projects, not because it looks bad but because I had so many more plans for it.
Details that didn't become reality:

A silo (which toppled over in the midst of my decorating)
A fondant fence around the edge of the cake
Hay Bales
Feed Bags

The process of this cake was actually fairly smooth with one tiny exception. Three days beforehand, I sculpted my farm animals from fondant. 2 pigs, 2 ducks, 1 cow, 1 horse head, and 1 rooster. Growing up, I was never able to sculpt clay or play-do well, so I was surprised and satisfied with my work.

My yard was made from a sheet cake pan. For my barn, I baked a ten inch square cake. I cut the square into fourths and stacked two of the small squares to make the base of the barn. I cut the remaining 2 squares in half and stacked the triangles together to make the peak. All of this was "glued" together with buttercream icing.

A layer of green over the sheet cake, red covering the barn, fondant shingles and trim, and the animals were ready to move in.

What you can't see is the super cute silo that I constructed using an invisible pillar and three 3-inch round cake pans. It would have been an adorable addition to the scene, but at three minutes till midnight, it toppled along with my spirits, missing a collision with the barn by an inch. As I wasn't about to start over so late, I filled in the destroyed area with grass icing and transformed the silo's foundation into a pasture for my cow to graze. By the time I was finished with the recover process, it was nearly 2AM, so I aborted my fencing and other details and called it a night. Perhaps I bit off more than I could chew with this project, or I might just need to do a bit of structural research next time around. In any case, THIS was a cake I was more than happy to get off my hands.

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Holly Rutchik said...

Your cakes are so wonderful and I always look forward to when you will post another. I have dreams of doing what you do. I have done some fun things for our family and close friends, but never anything as wonderful as you! What a gift you have!
Thanks for sharing and I hope you don't mind if your blog gives me great ideas for some birthday gals around here next month!