Thursday, September 10, 2009

Apples Galore!

It's been a fun couple of days around here and, overall, a truly successful first week of preschool! Yesterday was consumed by a trip to the apple orchards for some apple picking yumminess!

The wagon ride, the rows of trees, and the apples scattered on the ground beneath the branches became the perfect preface to day two of our preschool lesson: Apples! We learned so much today, and I was SO proud of my son's ability to focus and remember instructions!

Science and Math via Apples looks something like this:

*Discuss where apples grow, how they are harvested, and what different things can be made with apples.
* Observe an apple. Explore it's texture, firmness, color, shape. Note that apples have different parts such as a stem and leaves.
*Using several apples, arrange them in groups by type of apple and form a line from smallest to largest.
* Cut two apples in half, one vertically and the other horizontally. Examine the differences between the inside of each apple. Observe the difference in the center appearance of each. Count the seeds from each and draw a conclusion about which cut allowed more seeds to escape.
* Mix yellow and blue paint to discover how green is created. Use the green paint and the apple halves to stamp on paper. Observe what patterns are made. Use a paring knife to cut small chunks out of the apple. Stamp this half and observe the new stamp pattern.
* Create this apple counting book. Consider using green paint to make fingerprints for apples in each tree.

* Learn "5 Little Apples."
* Taste apple cider hot and cold and observe the difference between each.

*Reward hard work with Caillou goes Apple Picking.

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Mrs. Haid said...

That is a great lesson... or series of lessons... I think you could repeat it again another day its so good. Especially the "what do you notice about..." parts and "what happens if..." parts. Probably you also said, "how do you explain"this phenomena, too, right? Geez, you should open up your own preschool.