Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Alligator. A. First Day.

Thanks to some great free printable resources from First-School Preschool Activities and Crafts, I had my pick of activities to go with my first lesson.

While I set out the supplies for the day, Little Mister colored a picture of an alligator and the letter A. We learned that big A's are capital and little a's are lower-case. Using white boards, we practiced writing capital and lower-case A's. That might have been his favorite part.

From there he moved to coloring the parts for his alligator puppet.

THEN... we needed a break from the stool. I had downloaded the song, "Alligator Stomp," from I-Tunes, so we headed to the family room to learn the movements that I'd made up to go along with the words. It was a crazy-fun few minutes! Back into the counter Little Mister went next to cut out and assemble his puppet. Greeney Grass (the alligator puppet) went along to watch the short PBS online Alligator Video I'd found. He learned that alligators live in the swamps like in Florida and that they eat fish. We followed a bit more writing practice with finding out just how long alligators are. We stretched a tape measure across the family room floor to see how long 12 feet was. Little Mister was pretty amazed that an alligator could be that long or longer! Another boogie to Alligator Stomp, five minutes to free draw on the white board, and we called it a wrap.


Ashley said...

Sounds like great fun!! So glad you're getting this one on one time with him!

Nel said...

Glad it went well! Sounds like you guys had some great learning time!!!