Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sigh of Relief

I've put it off until the last possible second. I'm about to unplug myself from my dear blog world for a couple days! This is it- the last post I'll create at this desk.

When I walked into our house after day one of carpet installation, I expected to meet the soft fibers, the soft tan color... what I didn't expect to be met with was the surge of relief. I felt it in my heart first, and then I felt myself relax ever so slowly from my neck to my shoulders and down to the feet that were padding around on the floors.

(Little Miss' ballerina room)

I hadn't realized just HOW stressed I'd let myself become over the past 6 months until I physically experienced relief. There were times, more than a few, when I honestly believed that we would be paying for two homes forever! Now, it was finally complete enough to move in. Hallelujah!

(Little Mister's bug room)

The kids were SO excited. Big Sister ran in circles through the rooms singing, "It's a miracle!" over and over. I agreed completely and joined in the victory dance with my own whoops and yahoos and dancing in circles! The kids spent the next half hour wrestling and tumbling on the new carpet. I'd been waiting for four years to have carpet back under my feet for JUST that reason!

(Big Sister's horse room)

Then, I took some quiet time, laid on the floor, and offered thanks and praise to God who made all this possible. I reflected on the wonderful memories of my grandparents that I made under this roof and asked to be given many, many opportunities to share my grandparents with my own kids.


Marie said...

HOpe the rest of the move goes smoothly. It looks a beautiful home.

Ashley said...

That's awesome Kel. I'm so happy for you!

Kelli England said...

YEAHHHHH!!!!...Im sooo happy for you!!..I cant, wait yes I can, imagine just how you feel!!! cant wait to see pics after you move in!!...

StumblingServant said...

It all looks wonderful. I can't wait to come home and see it all! :D Maybe next month!