Saturday, August 8, 2009

Monster Truck Cake

I make a lot of cakes for girls.
A mother's baby shower, a little girl's birthday, a bridal shower... It's a treat to be able to switch gears and think boy for a change. This cake was requested for a 7-year-old's birthday. All I was told was that he loved MONSTER TRUCKS. First, I had to figure out what in tarnation a monster truck was, what it looked like, and why a 7 year old would like it. Originally, I pictured a muddy road with grass here and there. I always try to add a bit of green to my cakes as I feel like it adds a bit of cheerfulness to the finished product. The more I researched Monster Truck Rallies, the more I realized that there's not really anything cheerful about them! In reality, the truck, hiked up on enormous tires, is the brightest part of the whole affair. SO- I set to work...

At 6:20 I headed to Wal-Mart for supplies and to find a bright, cheerful-ish Monster Truck because, after all, what kid doesn't love to find a toy on his birthday cake? I was pretty disappointed in the selection. NO green on any of the cars close to my desired size. A dozen eggs, two pounds powdered sugar, and a jumbo tub of Crisco would complete my ingredients that were waiting at home.

I stacked two 9x13 cakes for the base. Then I baked two 6 inch round cakes. I leveled the first cake, being careful to save the hump. I topped the leveled cake with the second round and placed in on the 9x13's. Then, I took the round top I'd set aside and placed it on the cake as well.

The great thing about this cake was that I didn't have to be precise, didn't have to worry about a smooth finish. When was mud ever tidy? After covering the entire cake with brown buttercream icing, I ran the truck through a saucer as well. Dragging the monster through the cake resulted in some subtle tire tracks, and I positioned it between my two "hills."

Then I was at a loss- it was definitely missing more than a Happy Birthday message. A research break and a small ball of fondant created the triangle flags, hand-painted with black food coloring. A bit of writing, and before I knew it, it was almost 1 AM... I'm continually amazed that these things take five hours to complete!

A side note-- this was the LAST cake I'll make in my tiny kitchen! The next cake you see from me will be displayed in my new kitchen!


Marie said...

That is one truly amazing cake!! I am sure that it's recipient was more than pleased with it! I did a carousel cake for my oldest son on his third birthday. I can remember being up until about 3 in the morning working on it. It was a real labour of love for me. He just loved it.

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