Monday, July 6, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook: July 6th

For Today... July 6, 2009

Outside my window... The promise of a hot, sunny day, a sharp contrast to yesterday's mid-60's cloudy temperment, but that is Missouri weather for you!   

I am thinking...  That I have a fantastic husband! One that might possibly be the dorkiest guy I know but who is playful and makes me giggle, one that is hard working, understanding, and willing to put his wife and kids above all else but God.

From the kitchen... Hubby made hamburger steak last night!  A real treat because typically if I don't cook we eat something from a box.  The yummy mix of spices, green peppers, onions and cheeses made quite the satisfactory dinner!  Now I do believe I owe him my best effort one night this week!

I am wearing... a black stretchy camisole, black stretchy shorts, a lap blanket.

I'm not quite finished reading... The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs. I know!  Don't judge.  What has this been?  6 weeks?  What can I say, I've been a busy girl! 

I am creating... Space in our house.  Every six months or so I go through the house and purge ourselves of whatever hasn't been used in the last year or has been annoyingly in my way for that long.  In our house, we have 2 closets that don't come close to fitting the clothes from the 5 of us and just enough cabinets to cram our cookware and dishes in... but only if you say a few prayers before packing them inside.  That leaves no storage space for things like magazines, extra toiletries, and an overabundance of toys. I had hoped to save this overhaul for the move, but as house construction goes, the need for sanity in our current home came sooner than the flooring in the new house!

I am praying... For a successful annual review for my husband!  He has worked so very hard this year, allowing his career to come just after God and family maybe too often.  I do appreciate that man!  I am so blessed to have the ability to stay home and raise our kids and that I have a husband that doesn't allow this grudgingly but appreciates and prefers our life this way.  My job, aside from house and mommy, is to be his cheerleader, to do whatever I can to make his career easier for him.

Around the house... The kids' room is begging for attention.  The book shelf has been emptied into the floor, I'll pretend in search of a book rather than for the sole sake of messing.  And the closet and drawers are begging to be sorted and reorganized.

One of my favorite things... A good, wholeso

me chick flick, the kind that demands no real thought. I use these movies a background noise on the nights when hubby is out of town, usually with a skein of yarn and crochet hook in hand.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Finish painting the renovation, swim with the kids, catch up with hubby in the evenings.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you... 

 My poor son!  I asked him to put his arm around Little Sister for a quick picture.  I guess I should have clarified where to put his arm around her.  He could not understand why she was upset with him!

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