Thursday, July 23, 2009

Giving up the Pacifier

With my first 2 children, I stopped using pacifiers the day they were 18 months old.  With Little Miss, this date fell smack in the middle of our vacation (which included a 16 hour car ride there and back), so I opted to let her keep the pacifier until after the trip.  Now, 6 weeks later, she's learned to talk more clearly and is starting to ask for her "fafier" at nap time and bed time.  Like nursing, I think if she's big enough to ask for it, she too big to have it.  The reason for the delay in breaking this habit is, quite simply, that I chose to potty train instead.  I was afraid that if I chose to train and take the pacifier away at the same time, both attempts would fail.  As she has taken to big girl panties fairly well, I'm about to take the pacifier away.  I hear lots of creative ways to get rid of the pacifier, but I'm more of a down-to-business type.  It's more about me giving it up than my daughter, so the plan is to gather them and get rid of them.  

Cold Turkey.  No option to give in.  

Tonight was the first night that she went to sleep without it.  I laid her head on her Little Mermaid pillow, tucked her crocheted baby afghan around her, and kissed her cheek.  

Then came the sugar-sweet reminder from her little mouth, "Mamma.  Fafier?"  

Oh geeze.  "All gone Sweetness.  Be a big girl and go night night."  

"Fafier." Again, but with a hint of worry.  

I'm slowly backing away toward the door.  


I glance at the clock to make sure I don't let her scream too long.  Less than a minute later, silence.  Another parenting task complete. 


Marie said...

I was quite lucky in that only one of my five children actually wanted a pacifier. The other's never really took to it, but for the one that did, it was a God send. My mom tells me that I had mine until I was 3 years old!!

Chrissy said...

Good job. I use the cold turkey method, too. ;o)