Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I think that, should I ever find myself financially comfortable, I would like to hire a cleaning service- not to pick up or do dishes or laundry- to scrub my house down once a month or so.  I'm not trying to shirk my SAHM responsibilities, rather I would love to hire out for the deep cleaning and instead spend my time on other house chores- like gardening, cooking real meals regularly, and learning to do minor repairs and fix-its.  

With three kids, the thought of being that super mom who has a garden (veggie and flower), washes her curtains frequently, taxis her kids to seventeen events each week, packs the best lunches and provides the favorite hang out for her kids' friend (and hers!) seems a tad improbable.  I consider myself successful if there are clean clothes in the closets and drawers, the bathroom, kitchen and floors are clean, the bills are paid, and the kids are fed some fruits and vegetables each day- even if it's from a can.  

BUT- how nice will it be someday when my kids are all old enough to entertain themselves without painting with my nail polish on the walls?  I'm pretty certain that, should the day come when I can think about spending a little on a cleaning service, my kids will be old enough that I won't long so much for one, but oh, if I had a million dollars today...

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