Sunday, July 26, 2009

Busy Busy

What a whirlwind weekend! BUT- I'm SO happy about the progress that we made on the renovation! This weekend, we installed the rest of the kitchen cabinets (doors need to be added), the over-the-range micro-hood, the utility tub, washer, and dryer. The house is coming right along! (We'll ignore that our original move-in date was... April??)

A laundry room of my very own! I've been waiting for over four years for this! Tonight I did four loads, and it might have been my most enjoyable housekeeping experience to date!


Nel said...

I LOVE my utility room!!! It's my favorite room too :)

Molly said... all looks so amazing!! I cannot wait to come see it SOON! I miss you tons! Vacation then camps..not a grand doesn't equal in for much friend time :( hope to see you SOON! Congrats on the will so forget about that original move in date when you are all settled in and enjoying your beautiful new home!

StumblingServant said...

it's lookin good! lol, I pray that I don't have to wait 4 years for a laundry room . . . and if I do, that I won't have a husband and 3 children's clothes to take care of along with my own before I get it!