Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Beating the Summer Slump

Dr. Laura's website tonight, I stumbled on a great article:

The larger part of summer vacation has passed, the BACK TO SCHOOL ISLE has snuck into Wal-Mart, and most of our great close-to-home plans for the summer may well have been exhausted leaving the chins of our angels resting lazily in their hands.  As Mommy, I've even begun to get burnt out on the great summer activities that we love, today in particular.  The article lists tons of ideas that kids can do alone, with each other, or with an adult.  Some are silly, some are fun, and some are really useful!  The list is is so expansive that I challenge you all to think of an idea that's not listed in some way!  

Here are a few of my favorites:

*  Use a magnifying glass
*  Make frisbees out of old plastic lids, decorate with markers
*  Surprise a neighbor with a good deed
*  Whittle bars of soap (this one makes me laugh!)
*  Decorate bikes or wagons and have a parade
*  Take a nap outside on your lawn

And here are a few of our ideas:

*  Experiment with mixing paints to learn about the color wheel
*  Visit PBSkids.org
*  Organize the bookshelf and choose some to donate to a local preschool or church nursery
*  Practice casting a fishing pole (with a weight instead of a hook!)

Here's to making the most of what's left of the summer!

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