Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday: June 30th

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Our future ballet bedroom- back when it was just a skeleton.  

Since then, our sheetrock was hung, mudded, taped, and sanded.  

THEN I took over.  

Step 1: clean dust from every nook and cranny.  

Step 2: wipe down the ceiling and walls.  

Step 3: Prime closet, ceiling, and walls.

Step 4: Paint ceiling.  

Step 5: Paint lavender base coat on walls.  

And here's where we are on this Tackle It Tuesday!  Still a work in progress.  

Next step: Paint brushed pearl finish over base coat.  In my dreams, this room will feel like a Lisa Jane print when we're all finished... In my dreams...

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Marie said...

Love the lavender walls. I can't wait to see it finished!

Kelli England said...

Its going to look so good. Dont you just love the mess of a remodel???...LOL...We tackled our downstairs last november and I couldnt stand it...Now, however, its marvelous!!!..Good luck and cant wait to see the finished product!